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3 common building and pest pitfalls to watch out for when purchasing a property.

When buying a new property it’s important to organise a building and pest inspection before you commit to the purchase. A building and pest inspection will identify any faults or defects with the property and potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

There are many reasons why you should book a building and pest inspection before purchasing a property, including to:

  • identify structural issues
  • identify wiring problems
  • identify any essential repairs
  • identify hazards
  • gain peace of mind and negotiating power

A building and pest inspection can identify a range of different faults or potential hazards, from smaller issues like dripping taps, to more serious issues such as significant structural damage.

Here at Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane, we know exactly what to look for when conducting our professional property inspections. Some of the most common pitfalls to watch out for when purchasing a property include:

Termite damage

Termite damage is a common pitfall found during building and pest inspections.

At Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane our qualified inspectors carry out a visual timber pest inspection and provide a detailed report.

The termite inspection component of our visit is a visual inspection of the building and surrounding site. This includes fences, retaining walls and other structures on the property including sheds, gazebos and carports.

We search for any borer damage, timber decay or mud tunnels and will notify you if we find any conditions on the property that could potentially attract termites.

Structural integrity

Identifying potential structural problems is one of the most important aspects of a building and pest inspection.

Checking the structural integrity of a property is vital and includes inspecting the bearers, joists, piers or stumps. While we’re in the area we’ll also check for any cracked or leaking pipes, ventilation or drainage issues or dampness.

Our inspectors are highly qualified and can see things you may not. We’ll check for other indications of structural damage including cracks in the walls or rotting floorboards, and also check the roof and under-floor spaces if they can be accessed.

If the structural integrity of your property is found to be compromised, you will have the opportunity to exit the contract or negotiate a more reasonable price.

Plumbing and electrical problems

Plumbing and electrical problems are also common pitfalls to watch out for when purchasing a property.


Electrical problems can be expensive to repair, so it’s important to carry out checks before you commit to purchasing the property. This is especially important when purchasing an older property that may need to be completely rewired.

During our inspections, we check light switches, the condition of the meter box and any other smoke alarms or safety switches located on the property.


If you’ve ever fixed drainage or plumbing issues, you’ll know the cost can quickly escalate. During our building and pest inspections, we inspect the functionality of toilets and test taps for hammering and drainage. While we are there we also check for rust, damage and blockages with gutters and drainage around the property.

Moisture is the leading cause of building defects, so our inspectors sweep the entire property and all wet areas to check for damaged wood, water leaks or moisture.

What our building and pest inspections include:

At Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane our comprehensive building and pest inspection checks include:

  • wet areas
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • yard
  • roof exterior
  • masonry walls
  • exterior
  • interior
  • laundry and kitchen
  • bathrooms
  • roof space/voids
  • subfloor/underfloor space.

Can you afford NOT to book a building and pest inspection?

We can carry out building and pest inspections in Brisbane within 3 days, by a licenced builder with a same-day report.

  • $450* + gst for pre-auction building and pest inspection
  • $500* + gst for pre-purchase building and pest inspection

*Up to 5 bedrooms. $90 + gst travel charge may apply to suburbs more than 50km from CBD.

Don’t risk purchasing a property hindered by these common building and pest pitfalls. Contact Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane today and protect your investment.

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