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Building and pest inspection bribie island

Building and Pest Inspection Bribie Island

Bribie Island is the smallest of the three major sand islands forming the coastline sheltering the northern part of Moreton Bay in Queensland Australia. Most of the island is an uninhabited national park, however, the southern end of the island has been intensively urbanised as part of the Moreton Bay Region. On Bribie Island, there are an array of shopping complexes with grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants and pharmacies. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 16,209 people living on the island in 2006 and since then, there has been significant growth. Bribie Island is well known for its relaxing and coastal lifestyle and is a place many Australians choose to retire. The median age of persons was 55 years, compared with the 37 years for all of Australia. 

Whether you’re looking to make the move to Bribie Island, or you’re interested in purchasing an investment property, it is important that before you finalise your purchase that you make sure the property you are investing in is free of safety hazards, major defects or termites. While the property may look like it is in perfect condition from the outside, it is always best to get our comprehensive pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection to carefully check out the property. Without our Building and Pest Inspection, you could be at risk of purchasing a home with defects that could be extremely costly to fix. 

Pre-purchase property inspection Bribie Island

Every year almost 180,000 Australian homes are affected by termite damage and as a result, the annual cost of termite damage repairs amounts to over a billion dollars. If there are issues uncovered during your Building and Pest Inspection, you may wish to terminate your Contract of Sale, or you can offer to negotiate the purchase price.

Detailed Building and Pest Inspections Bribie Island

Our detailed building and pest reports provide you with a checklist of maintenance items and trades required for repairs and are useful for renegotiating a price. Our team at Building and Pest Inspection Bribie Island have saved thousands of home buyers from paying full price properties, based on the findings from our reports. When choosing a building and pest inspector, it is important you choose an experienced QBCC registered builder and check their sample report, so you know what to expect. Some of our competitors provide 4-page reports without photos that do not classify defects as major or minor. Buying a property whether it’s your first or your tenth, is a huge financial investment, one you simply cannot cut corners with. Investing in a reputable building and pest inspector will give you peace of mind when moving forward with your purchase. 

With each and every inspection, we promise to take due care and represent your interests. That’s why so many property professionals choose and recommend our services including Buyer’s Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Conveyancers. Our team at Building and Pest Inspection Bribie Island undertake building inspections in accordance to Australian standards 4349.1 and beyond. All our builders are experienced and fully insured and will provide you not only with a detailed report, but a phone call after the inspection to discuss findings. Our team here at Building and Pest Inspection Bribie Island inspect all accessible areas of both the interior and exterior of the property. These will include the bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, wet areas, yard, masonry walls, subfloor, roof void and roof exteriors plus electrical and plumbing checks that we can do by law. 

With over 10 years of experience and knowledge, we will carefully check for moisture problems inside the wall cavities, around doors, windows, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. Finding areas of high moisture will show us areas that will likely cost the most to repair. It is also important to note that this also includes termite damage as termites are attracted to moist timber. 

building and pest inspection bribie island

Major defects we find generally fall into three main categories:

  1. structural defects such as subsidence evidenced by significant cracking or movement to walls, uneven floors or stumps; or
  2. high moisture in wall cavities due to leaks, which we locate using a moisture meter; or
  3. live termites, or termite damage to a range of timbers, including flooring, structural and decorative timbers. 

For pest inspections, our team will do a full visual inspection to Australian standards 4349.3, equipped with the latest Termite Detection Technology. After we have done an inspection of the building, we will then benchmark the defects found at the property you’re looking to purchase with other properties of a similar build and age. 

We understand the cooling period for contracts of property sale in Queensland is only 7 days, which is why we will perform the building and pest inspection within a 7-day time period and you will receive a comprehensive report within 24 hours, presented in an easy to read format, with detailed images of your house. 


How to book in with us and what happens next? 

Step 1: To book we need your name, mobile, email, inspection address, agent name and number. We will also contact the agent to arrange access to the property. Book now

Step 2: We do a visual building and pest inspection of all accessible areas to Australian Standards. 

Step 3: The inspector will call you to explain the key findings. 

Step 4: Our comprehensive report is emailed to you within 24 hours. 

Step 5: If you have any questions after reading the full report, please contact your inspector, who will be happy to assist you. 

Suburb 5 year population change Population 2016 Population 2011 Total houses 2016 Total units 2016 Median monthly mortgage repayment 2016 Median weekly rent 2016
Banksia Beach 513 5995 5482 2357 21 $1,800 $385
Bellara 68 3225 3157 1232 197 $1,430 $285
Bongaree 423 6947 6524 2957 250 $1,452 $267
White Patch 30 142 112 52 0 $1,948 $0
Woorim 64 1829 1765 685 74 $1,600 $290

Bribie Island population increased by just over 1,000 between 2011 and 2016 Census, to more than 18,000 residents. In 2016, Bribie Island real estate consists of approx 7000 houses and 500 units. In 2016, Bribie Island median monthly mortgage repayment of $1600 and median weekly rent of $295. [Source ABS]

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