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building and pest inspection Brisbane city

Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane City

Brisbane is the capital of the Australian state of Queensland and is the third most populated city in Australia, behind Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane lies at the centre of South East Queensland’s metropolitan region, which encompasses a population of around 3.8 million. The central business district is situated within a peninsula of the Brisbane River about 15km from its mouth at Moreton Bay. This beautiful city is incredibly diverse, with over 32% of its metropolitan population being foreign born. Moreover, it is also consistently ranked among the world’s most liveable cities, making it an ideal place to purchase either a forever home or an investment property.

Brisbane City real estate is arguably Brisbane’s most in demand property market due to its close proximity to Brisbane CBD. All 20 Brisbane City suburbs have experienced rapid growth in the past 12 months. Due to high demand, the majority of properties are now sold at auction or before the scheduled auctions. Most property experts are tipping Brisbane City suburbs to continue to outperform most of Australia’s real estate markets until at least the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games. With no new land releases, the 17,000 new residents between 2011 and 2016 are predominantly living in units. The top 5 fastest growing suburbs are all bordering Brisbane CBD: Kelvin Grove, South Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, West End and Bowen Hills.

Before finalising your purchase, it is crucial that you undertake a building and pest inspection to ensure your home is free of safety hazards, major defects and termites. While from the outside it may look like it is in perfect condition, ready to move in or lease out to tenants, it may actually have issues. We recommend getting a comprehensive pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection to carefully check out the property. 

Pre-purchase Property Inspection Brisbane City

Every year almost 180,000 Australian homes are affected by termite damage and as a result, the annual cost of termite damage repairs amounts to over a billion dollars. In the case that we record issues with your property, it may not be worth going through will the sale or you may want to negotiate a price with the owner.

Detailed Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane City

Our team at Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane City have assisted both new home buyers and experienced home buyers from ending up with properties that were overvalued or damaged due to termites and hazards. 

When choosing an inspector, it is recommended you look for an experienced QBCC registered builder that will give you a detailed report. An inspector with a lack of experience or qualifications will likely fail to do important tasks which can give insight into if your house has damage or pests.  At Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane City we will provide you with a detailed report that comes with photos, this will show you all major defects.  Buying a property whether it’s your first or your twentieth, is a huge financial investment, one that you should never cut corners with. By getting a building and pest inspector to check your property, you can purchase your home with peace of mind. 

We promise to take all due care and represent your interests. That’s why so many property professionals choose and recommend our services including Buyer’s Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Conveyancers. Our team at Building and Pest Inspection City undertake building inspections in accordance to Australian standards 4349.1 and beyond. All our builders are experienced and fully insured and will provide you not only with a detailed report, but a phone call after the inspection to go over what we have found. We may also provide you with valuable advice about renovations you may need and an estimated cost of repairs. 

Our team here at Building and Pest Inspection Inspection Brisbane City inspect all accessible areas of both the interior and exterior of the property. These will include the bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, wet areas, yard, masonry walls, subfloor, roof void and roof exteriors plus electrical and plumbing checks that we can do by law. 

With over 10 years of experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, we will carefully check for moisture problems inside the wall cavities, around doors, windows, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.  The main reason we focus on this is that more than 80% of money spent maintaining properties relates to moisture problems, including termite issues as they are attracted to moist timber. 

building and pest inspection Brisbane City

Major defects we find generally fall into these categories:

  1. structural defects such as subsidence evidenced by significant cracking or movement to walls, uneven floors or stumps; or
  2. high moisture in wall cavities due to leaks, which we locate using a moisture meter; or
  3. live termites, or termite damage to a range of timbers, including flooring, structural and decorative timbers. 

For pest inspections, our team will do a full visual inspection to Australian standards 4349.3, equipped with the latest Termite Detection Technology. After we have done a comprehensive inspection of the building, we will then benchmark the defects found at the property you want to purchase with similar ones. 

We understand the cooling period for contracts of property sale in Queensland is 7 days, which is why we will perform the building and pest inspection within that time period. From there, you will receive a comprehensive report within 24 hours. 

It’s time to book, so what can you expect now? 

Step 1: To book we need your name, mobile, email, inspection address, agent name and number. We will also contact the agent to arrange access to the property. Book now

Step 2: We do a visual building and pest inspection of all accessible areas to Australian Standards. 

Step 3: The inspector will call you to explain the key findings. 

Step 4: Our comprehensive report is emailed to you within 24 hours. 

Step 5: If you have any questions after reading the full report, please contact your inspector, who will be happy to assist you. 


Suburb 5 year population change Population 2016 Population 2011 Total houses 2016 Total units 2016 Median monthly mortgage repayment 2016 Median weekly rent 2016
Bowen Hills 1482 3226 1744 122 1366 $2,000 $365
Brisbane CBD 755 9460 8705 14 3652 $2,000 $545
Dutton Park 553 2024 1471 362 375 $2,167 $363
East Brisbane 188 5786 5598 1184 1082 $2,080 $380
Fortitude Valley 1531 7146 5615 176 3057 $2,000 $400
Herston 384 2215 1831 472 283 $2,061 $400
Highgate Hill 370 6194 5824 1006 1296 $2,066 $365
Kangaroo Point 1214 8214 7000 542 3030 $2,000 $450
Kelvin Grove 1909 7927 6018 1118 1772 $2,100 $425
Milton 287 2274 1987 326 587 $2,000 $430
New Farm 1212 12542 11330 1290 4036 $2,167 $400
Newstead 1357 2193 836 15 943 $2,383 $475
Paddington 575 8562 7987 2508 678 $2,500 $450
Petrie Terrace -59 1124 1183 347 76 $2,580 $450
Red Hill 13 5560 5547 1519 556 $2,496 $400
South Brisbane 1780 7196 5416 296 2388 $2,100 $485
Spring Hill 715 5974 5259 624 1516 $1,937 $448
Teneriffe 636 5335 4699 293 2076 $2,300 $510
West End 1413 9474 8061 1339 2356 $2,167 $450
Woolloongabba 842 5631 4789 939 1089 $2,000 $400


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