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Building and Pest Inspection Aspley

Considering purchasing a property in Aspley? Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane are pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection specialists. Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane have been serving home buyers in Aspley since 2010 with more than 5000 happy customers. If you need a comprehensive pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection report in Aspley for a very reasonable price, we are here to help you. Read on to discover more about what we inspect, plus when and why you need OUR comprehensive pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection report.

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HealthyAs Eva
07:32 09 Apr 21
I highly recommend Paul Byers Building and Pest Inspection service if you are buying a house subject and needing a pest and building inspection. Paul was very courteous and helpful during the initial call of inquiry and explained the process in a clear and patient manner. The technician called me after the inspection was conducted to give me an overall brief summary regarding the condition of the property. I was also emailed a comprehensive report of the findings which included photos and detailed information of all things noted during the inspection. I was very satisfied with the findings and was alerted to some small circumstances that only the trained eye could pick out, which were then able to be resolved. In all, I have been very satisfied with the service provided by Paul and his team and would highly recommend his service to anyone wishing to obtain a building and pest inspection. The fee was reasonable and money well spent to offer peace of mind towards a major financial outlay.
Deborah Mae
05:50 09 Apr 21
My experience with Building and Pest Inspection was wonderful. In buying my first home it was essential to have someone I could trust to inspect the property and give an honest and professional opinion. Paul is easy to talk to and his booking system and prices are great. He provided me with a detailed report of the property on the day he inspected it. Not only that, he took the time to call me and explain all the areas that would need attention. I found this business through the reviews, and every one of those great reviews is true. Paul provides wonderful service, is professional and will tell you everything you need to know about the property you intend to purchase. I highly recommend Building and Pest Inspection to everyone.
daniel coppin
03:50 09 Apr 21
Paul was great and worked with the agent to meet my contract deadline date. Louis was assigned to complete the building and pest inspection. He was very thorough and detailed. He went through the report with me in a frank and honest way. Great interactions from everyone I dealt with here!
Gayan Dias
03:42 28 Mar 21
The team at Building and Pest Inspection Melbourne were great in the services they provided. Paul and teh inspectors were always on hand to answer any questions I had and advice i needed and reports were very detailed and thorough. Would highly recommend and use their services again when needed.
Latifa Nasrin
02:46 28 Mar 21
I had a deadline for my build & pest inspection and it was like a blessing to find Paul & his company. The property was tenanted. Paul arranged everything within couple of hours-the best part is he arranged it all by himself with the real estate agent-one less task in such a stressful time.The inspection was done by Jamie, who checked all the systems, went underneath & over the rooftop of the house to check the termite /roof leaks etc. He figured out all the issues with the property with some tests and also gave us some ideas on what can we do to fix these and also rough estimate of costs associated.We found the report within half an hour after the inspection. This is such a fantastic company- I would've give them 6 stars if I could- made everything so much easier for us unlike the other services we hired during the property purchase. And that too at a very reasonable price-so worth it!
Sean White
02:10 27 Mar 21
I booked my inspection on Monday and it was completed on Friday in the same week. I received a very extensive and detailed property report that identified any safety issues or minor / major faults. The report contained photos of every room and every detail that had been inspected, both internally and externally. It was apparent that he inspection and property report had been completed by a capable professional. I would highly recommend Building and Pest Inspection Melbourne. 5 Stars from me!
John Miles
06:07 24 Mar 21
We used a few different inspectors for various properties before finding these guys. They are by far the most professional and are worth a call.
Tamara Jesse
05:49 24 Mar 21
Excellent and professional service provided. Called on a Friday afternoon with the inspection completed and returned by Saturday! Will definitely be returning to use their services again.
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Why are Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane different form the rest?

Guaranteed report within 7 days!

We guarantee a maximum 7 days turnaround from booking to receive your building and pest reports.

Comprehensive reports

Your comprehensive building and pest report with photos is emailed within 24 hours of your inspection. Same day reports on request.

We take time to explain our findings

Your inspector will speak directly with you after the inspection in person or by phone.

Fully licenced and insured

Your Inspector is an experienced, fully insured and licenced building and pest inspector.

We never rush

Our inspectors are limited to a maximum 3 inspections per day for quality control.

Reasonable prices

Very reasonable prices keep us constantly in demand with new customers and referrals.

Recommended by Property Professionals

Many of our customers are referred by buyer’s agent, mortgage brokers & conveyancers.

Valuable advice

Our experienced staff go beyond your expectations and provide valuable advice on if the property is likely to contain asbestos, estimated cost of repairs and even building advice if you are considering renovating.

We are on your side & we are here to help you!

When you buy a property, there are generally two experts on your side, your Conveyancer and your Building and Pest Inspector. Conveyancers rely on our reports and refer our inspection service because it has been perfected since 2010 to provide everything you need, and extra things you want for peace of mind, BEFORE you unconditionally buy a house.

Step 1

How do I book and then what happens?

To book we just need your name, mobile & email, inspection address, agent name & number.

We contact the agent to arrange access then we email you the confirmation details.

Step 2


Our Building Inspectors are experienced & fully insured Licenced Builders.

Our Building Inspection is a visual inspection of all accessible areas of the interior, roof void, sub-floor & exterior of the property to detect safety hazards, major defects, minor defects & general maintenance.

Our Building Inspection report gives you Peace of Mind that the house is structurally sound.

Step 3


Our Pest Inspectors are qualified with full Professional Indemnity insurance.

We do a thorough visual inspection of all accessible areas including the interior, roof void, sub-floor, & exterior of the property for termites & termite damage using state of the art Termite Detection technology, including a moisture meter and a thermal tool to detect termite movement in the walls.

NOTE: Moisture is the cause of ALL termite problems. We apply our Moisture Meter extensively to identify leaks and dampness issues, commonly found in the wet areas.

Our Pest Inspection report gives you Peace of Mind that the house is termite free.

Step 4


We take time to explain our findings clearly and simply. Your inspector will speak directly with you after the inspection in person or by phone. You are welcome to call the inspector back after reading your reports.

We will discuss any MAJOR ISSUES with you to help you make any important decisions such as negotiating on price, asking for defects to be repaired or terminating the contract.

Step 5


Our comprehensive Building & Pest Inspection report gives you the Peace of Mind and knowledge you need to complete, renegotiate, or terminate, this property purchase with confidence. One or more photos are included to highlight each defect.

Brisbane Sample Building and Pest Report

Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspection for Your Peace of Mind

We take our responsibility as your trusted advisor seriously, going above and beyond your expectations.

1) Wet Areas

MOISTURE is by far the Number 1 cause of COSTLY building defects and ALL termite problems. We apply our Moisture Meter extensively to identify defects relating to leaking and dampness issues, commonly found in the wet areas.

2) Electrical Checks

We conduct the electrical checks that we can by law, including turning on light switches to check for flickering; the condition of the meter box; plus the presence of smoke alarms and safety switches.

3) Plumbing Checks

Our plumbing checks include flushing toilets to check function and drainage; plus the gutters and downpipes for rust, damage and blockages. We also turn on taps to check for hammering and poor drainage.

4) Yard

In the yard we note defects to boundary fences and gates, the clothesline, garden shed, paths, driveways and retaining walls. The yard is more often less well maintained with more major defects and safety hazards found.

5) Roof Exterior

On the roof exterior we check the condition of cladding, fascia/barge boards, flashings, gutters and downpipes, the soffit/eaves and valleys. Broken tiles, rust and water damage are noted. Fungal growth is a sign that water is pooling

6) Masonry Walls

Masonry walls are closely examined for defects such as bricks fretting, cracking, damp damage, differential damage, inadequate joint sealant, mortar eroding, blocked vents, visible flashings and weep hole ventilation.

7) Exterior

In the exterior, we note the condition of paint, any damp damage or cladding defects; maintenance items for outdoor structures including decks, balconies, patios, verandahs or pergolas; plus defects and safety hazards relating to handrails, steps, stairs and ramps.

8) Interior

In the interior, all rooms are inspected for building defects to the ceiling, doors, floor, painting, walls and windows. We carefully check if the floors are level, windows and doors function normally and other signs of movement relating to major structural defects.

9) Laundry & Kitchen

In the laundry and kitchen, we also note visible defects to bench tops, doors, drawers and cabinets; sinks, splashbacks, taps and waste traps. The rangehood fan is tested for function. Common defects include failed or inadequate waterproofing plus leaking taps and pipes.

10) Bathrooms

Built elements that commonly have defects due to wear and tear in bathrooms include the vanity, basin, bath, mirror, shower, shower screen, splashbacks, taps, waste traps, toilet cistern and pan. Ventilation, and exhaust fan function, is noted.

11) Roof Space/Void

In the roof space we identify any issues relating to coverage, framing, insulation, parti wall and sarking. We commonly find insufficient insulation, even in new homes. Even when there is sufficient insulation we try our best to enter the roof void to traverse all accessible areas.

12) Subfloor/Underfloor Space

For structural reasons, it is very important to check the condition of bearers, joists, piers or stumps; note any cracked or leaking pipes, dampness, ventilation or drainage issues. We recommend removal of debris or stored items that encourage termites and other pests including rodents!

What does a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection look for?

Our pre purchase Pest Inspection investigates for signs of termites and conducive conditions that could lead to termite attack. We report on whether the property has a current termite management system and we advise what you can do to reduce the risk of termite attack to protect your valuable asset.

Conditions Conducive to Termite Attack

Termites can be the worst nightmare for home owners because of the extensive damage they can cause and because termites can reduce the value of your property. The termite species that cause the most building defects in Brisbane are Coptotermes, which can forage up to 50 metres from their nests and are attracted to moist timbers in your home. Coptotermes commonly nest at the base of a tree but we have found them nesting in sub-floors with poor drainage or inadequate ventilation.

It is important to keep the sub-floor, slab edge and weep holes clear of obstructions because our Pest Inspectors can find termites visually. For example, termites can enter the property by crawling up the stumps, external walls or over the slab edge into a weep hole. Vegetation should be removed to allow visual inspection of the full external perimeter of the property and sub-floors should be visually clear around the full internal perimeter walls and all stumps.

Our Pest Inspectors can also find termites by non-invasive methods using our moisture meter and thermal tools. When we locate an area within a wall with hight moisture, we apply the thermal tool to determine if there is evidence of termites in the walls feeding on the moist timbers

Five reasons you need OUR comprehensive pre-purchase Building & Pest inspection report

  1. You are about to make a very BIG investment and our pre-purchase inspection can identify future liabilities that will cost far more to fix than the price of the inspection.
  2. Our Building and Pest reports identify a number of ISSUES about the property. These range from minor problems like a leaking tap to serious issues such as termite infestation or structural damage.
  3. Our Building and Pest reports may give you the right to WITHDRAW from the contract if the report isn’t satisfactory.
  4. If defects are identified, you don’t necessarily need to terminate the contract. The vendor may agree to REDUCE the purchase price or agree to FIX the defects we detect prior to settlement.
  5. Our pre-purchase reports regularly help our clients negotiate significant DISCOUNTS on the purchase price.

What does subject to Building and Pest Inspection mean in a contract of sale?

A building and Pest clause should exist as a condition of a property purchase sale when you buy a home by private treaty. The Building and Pest clause allows you to get written reports from a qualified Building and Pest inspector within a set time frame to AVOID BUYING a property infested with termites or with significant building repair costs. So book us as soon as your offer is ACCEPTED!


Should I get a Building and Pest report before an auction or before signing the contract?

If the property is going to auction, your only option is to inspect PRIO to making a BID. Some buyers and vendors prefer to do the Building and Pest inspection before signing any contracts to avoid the need for a subject to Building and Pest clause in the contract. If conditional finance is also approved or it is a cash sale, this removes contract risk.

Brisbane Sample Building and Pest Report
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