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Fast And Reliable Building and Pest Inspections In Ipswich

Buying a property in Ipswich? Since 2010, Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane has completed more than 5000 inspections within the Ipswich area. Our comprehensive pre-purchase Building and Pest inspections are fully guaranteed to be completed by a licenced builder within 3 days – at an affordable price. Our reviews reflect the quality and value of our inspections and our customer’s value:

Keep reading to find out what’s included in our Building and Pest Inspection and why you need our Building and Pest Inspection report.

What Makes Us The Best

Guaranteed Service

3 Day appointment turnaround

We ensure that your building and pest inspection report will be received within a maximum of 3 business days from when you book.

same day report

No wait report delivery

Your comprehensive building and pest report with photos is emailed on the same day as your inspection.

Free post inspection breakdown

We provide a no-nonsense breakdown of your report to ensure you understand what it found

Fully licensed and insured

Your Inspector is an experienced, fully insured and licensed building and pest inspector.

Cost effective

Very reasonable prices keep us constantly in demand with new customers and referrals.

Favoured by property professionals

Many of our customers are referred by buyer’s agents, mortgage brokers & conveyancers.

Top advice

Our experienced staff go beyond your expectations and provide valuable advice on if the property is likely to contain asbestos, estimated cost of repairs and even building advice if you are considering renovating.

Get piece of mind in your purchase decision

When you buy a property, there are generally two experts on your side, your Conveyancer and your Building and Pest Inspector. Conveyancers rely on our reports and refer our inspection service because it has been perfected since 2010 to provide everything you need, and extra things you want for peace of mind, BEFORE you unconditionally buy a house.

Step 1.

How do I book and then what happens?

For bookings, all we need is your first name, mobile & email, inspection address, agent name & number. We contact the agent to arrange access, then we email you the confirmation details.


Step 2.


Our Pest and Building Inspectors are skilled & fully insured Licenced Builders.

Our Building Inspection is a visual inspection of all accessible areas of the interior, roof void, sub-floor & exterior of the property to detect safety hazards, major defects, minor defects & general maintenance.

Our Building Inspection report gives you Peace of Mind that the house is structurally sound.

Step 3.


Our Pest Inspectors are qualified with full Professional Indemnity insurance.

We do a thorough visual inspection of all accessible areas including the interior, roof void, sub-floor, & exterior of the property for termites & termite damage using state of the art Termite Detection technology, including a moisture meter and a thermal tool to detect termite movement in the walls.

NOTE: Moisture is the cause of ALL termite problems. We apply our Moisture Meter extensively to identify leaks and dampness issues, commonly found in the wet areas.

Our pest inspection report will give you Peace of Mind that the property is termite free.

Step 4.


We take time to explain our findings clearly and simply. Your inspector will speak directly with you after the inspection in person or by phone. You are welcome to call the inspector back after reading your reports.

We will discuss any MAJOR ISSUES with you to help you make any important decisions such as negotiating on price, asking for defects to be repaired or terminating the contract.

Discuss your building and pest inspection findings

Step 5.


Our comprehensive Building & Pest Inspection report gives you the Peace of Mind and knowledge you need to complete, renegotiate, or terminate, this property purchase with confidence. One or more photos are included to highlight each defect.

Brisbane Sample Building and Pest Report

A comprehensive pre purchase property inspection for your peace of mind

We take our responsibility as your trusted advisor seriously, going above and beyond your expectations.

Wet Areas

MOISTURE is by far the Number 1 cause of COSTLY building defects and ALL termite problems. We apply our Moisture Meter extensively to identify defects relating to leaking and dampness issues, commonly found in the wet areas.

Electrical Checks

We conduct the electrical checks that we can by law, including turning on light switches to check for flickering; the condition of the meter box; plus the presence of smoke alarms and safety switches.

Plumbing Checks

Our plumbing checks include flushing toilets to check function and drainage; plus the gutters and downpipes for rust, damage and blockages. We also turn on taps to check for hammering and poor drainage.


In the yard we note defects to boundary fences and gates, the clothesline, garden shed, paths, driveways and retaining walls. The yard is more often less well maintained with more major defects and safety hazards found.

Roof Exterior

On the roof exterior we check the condition of cladding, fascia/barge boards, flashings, gutters and downpipes, the soffit/eaves and valleys. Broken tiles, rust and water damage are noted. Fungal growth is a sign that water is pooling

Masonry Walls

Masonry walls are closely examined for defects such as bricks fretting, cracking, damp damage, differential damage, inadequate joint sealant, mortar eroding, blocked vents, visible flashings and weep hole ventilation.


In the exterior, we note the condition of paint, any damp damage or cladding defects; maintenance items for outdoor structures including decks, balconies, patios, verandahs or pergolas; plus defects and safety hazards relating to handrails, steps, stairs and ramps.


In the interior, all rooms are inspected for building defects to the ceiling, doors, floor, painting, walls and windows. We carefully check if the floors are levels, windows and doors function normally and other signs of movement relating to major structural defects.

Laundry & Kitchen

In the laundry and kitchen, we also note visible defects to bench tops, doors, drawers and cabinets; sinks, splashbacks, taps and waste traps. The range hood fan is tested for function. Common defects include failed or inadequate waterproofing plus leaking taps and pipes.


Built elements that commonly have defects due to wear and tear in bathrooms include the vanity, basin, bath, mirror, shower, shower screen, splashbacks, taps, waste traps, toilet cistern and pan. Ventilation, and exhaust fan function, is noted.

Roof Space/Void

In the roof space we identify any issues relating to coverage, framing, insulation, parti wall and sarking. We commonly find insufficient insulation, even in new homes. Even when there is sufficient insulation we try our best to enter the roof void to traverse all accessible areas.

Subfloor/Underfloor Space

For structural reasons, it is very important to check the condition of bearers, joists, piers or stumps; note any cracked or leaking pipes, dampness, ventilation or drainage issues. We recommend removal of debris or stored items that encourage termites and other pests including rodents!

Why get a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection?

Our pre purchase Pest Inspection investigates for signs of termite damage, live termites and conducive conditions that could lead to termite attack. We report on whether the property has a current termite management system and we advise what you can do to reduce the risk of termite attack to protect your valuable asset

termite in wood

Declared Termite Areas Brisbane

Brisbane’s council can identify areas within the municipality where buildings are likely to be attacked by termites.

The Regulations require all new buildings, including alterations and extensions, built within designated termite-infested areas, to have management against termite attack.

So when you buy a well-established home in a declared termite area does it increase your risk of having termites attack?

The short answer is no, because Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane have found termites in suburbs all over Brisbane. Yes, all of Brisbane is at risk of termite attack IF conducive conditions exist at your property.

Conditions Favourable to Termite Attack

All homeowners dread termite infestations due to the excessive damage and long term effects it can have on the structural integrity of the property. In Brisbane suburbs, most termite problems are caused by the Coptotermes termites, a species that can travel up to 50 metres from their nest and are drawn to damp timber. This species of termite builds their nests at the bottom of trees, but they can also be found in sub-floors that have poor drainage or ventilation.

To identify termites, inspectors will visually view the sub-floor, slab edge and weep holes, so it’s important to keep these areas clear of obstructions. It’s also important to keep vegetation at bay. Termites can travel up stumps, external walls and over the slab edge to enter the property via weep holes. Any overhanging vegetation should be cleared so the inspector can locate any potential termite problems.

Inspectors at Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane also use non-invasive moisture meters and Termatrac with thermal radar methods to locate termites. If we find an area with high moisture, we apply Termatrac to identify if there are termites present.

5 Reasons Why OUR In-depth Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection Report is Best

  1. Purchasing a property is a huge investment. Our pre-purchase Building and Pest inspection can pinpoint any problems that could cost you in the future. 
  2. From minor problems such as leaking taps, to much larger issues such as termite infestation or structural damage, our Building and Pest inspection reports offer valuable insight into the overall condition of the property. 
  3. You may have the option to withdraw from the contract if the results of the inspection aren’t satisfactory.
  4. Alternatively, if issues are found with the property the seller may agree to reduce the price or decide to fix the issues before settlement. 
  5. The results contained in the building and pest inspection report may help buyers negotiate discounts on the price of the property.

What does subject to Building and Pest Inspection mean in a contract of sale?


A Building and Pest clause should be included in a contract of sale when you purchase a property by private treaty. You will have a set time period to organise a qualified Building and Pest inspector to deliver a written report on the condition of the property and avoid purchasing a property in need of serious repair or with a termite infestation. 

A cooling off period of 3 days is allowed under standard contracts. Call us as soon as you accept an offer, we guarantee a Building and Pest report delivered within 3 days of the booking.



Do I Need a Building and Pest Report Before Signing a Contract at Auction?

The only way to get a Building and Pest inspection for a property under auction is to book it prior to signing the contract. This is a common option for buyers and vendors who don’t want to add a subject to Building and Pest clause into the contract. When finance is approved or it’s a cash sale, it also decreases additional contract risk.

Brisbane Sample Building and Pest Report

Ipswich real estate and population statistics

Suburb 5 year population change Population 2016 Population 2011 Total houses 2016 Total units 2016 Median monthly mortgage repayment 2016 Median weekly rent 2016
Augustine Heights 2908 4880 1972 1452 0 $2,300 $400
Barellan Point 515 1159 644 384 0 $1,800 $390
Basin Pocket 29 890 861 353 7 $1,300 $260
Bellbird Park 4110 6736 2626 2113 8 $1,647 $320
Blackstone 7 1024 1017 343 0 $1,517 $310
Booval -66 2622 2688 993 178 $1,300 $251
Brassall 1653 10898 9245 3837 0 $1,517 $300
Brookwater 685 2151 1466 647 0 $2,600 $508
Bundamba 1110 6514 5404 2211 71 $1,400 $300
Camira 23 7414 7391 2345 3 $1,647 $330
Churchill 2785 4568 1783 1599 45 $953 $200
Chuwar 369 2244 1875 689 6 $1,900 $330
Coalfalls -130 943 1073 318 0 $1,517 $295
Collingwood Park 637 7104 6467 2174 0 $1,603 $330
Deebing Heights 894 2039 1145 622 0 $2,000 $370
Dinmore -22 875 897 290 15 $1,092 $250
East Ipswich 216 2410 2194 913 26 $1,300 $270
Eastern Heights -26 3709 3735 1344 56 $1,400 $285
Ebbw Vale -18 508 526 210 0 $1,200 $270
Ebenezer -71 315 386 102 0 $1,615 $450
Flinders View -54 5808 5862 1879 3 $1,580 $300
Gailes 182 1828 1646 628 0 $1,300 $270
Goodna 1684 10461 8777 1131 15 $1,447 $300
Haigslea 54 468 414 148 0 $1,842 $243
Ipswich -77 2459 2536 690 157 $1,497 $235
Ironbark -242 604 846 116 0 $1,829 $250
Karalee 668 4352 3684 1309 0 $2,000 $400
Karana Downs 36 3862 3826 1275 5 $1,755 $360
Karrabin -51 423 474 135 0 $323 $1,733
Kholo -1 396 397 135 0 $2,000 $305
Leichhardt 528 3912 3384 1245 0 $1,272 $260
Marburg 306 873 567 302 0 $1,394 $270
Moores Pocket n/a 736 n/a 346 0 $1,300 $213
Mount Crosby 104 1832 1728 576 0 $2,112 $420
Muirlea -92 190 282 57 0 $2,044 $340
Mutdapilly n/a 308 n/a 103 0 $2,167 $220
Newtown 3333 4787 1454 1716 108 $1,560 $300
North Booval 744 3175 2431 998 35 $1,365 $295
North Ipswich -72 4515 4587 1583 63 $1,347 $275
North Tivoli 88 1487 1399 514 0 $1,360 $263
One Mile 84 2077 1993 708 25 $1,300 $270
Peak Crossing 197 965 768 292 0 $1,950 $250
Pine Mountain -65 1667 1732 490 0 $2,000 $393
Purga -24 576 600 182 0 $2,080 $270
Raceview 1036 9721 8685 3364 35 $1,495 $301
Redbank 229 1834 1605 605 19 $1,300 $315
Redbank Plains 4323 19299 14976 5572 28 $1,517 $335
Ripley 381 1405 1024 466 0 $1,668 $335
Riverview -170 3073 3243 9215 3 $1,300 $250
Rosewood 88 2834 2746 992 3 $1,400 $285
Sadliers Crossing 291 1366 1075 469 14 $1,517 $275
Silkstone -3 3480 3483 1306 43 $1,391 $270
South Ripley 368 712 344 226 0 $2,000 $380
Springfield 154 6772 6618 2017 9 $1,842 $365
Springfield Lakes 5169 15318 10149 4775 5 $1,991 $390
Thagoona 53 1025 972 315 0 $1,733 $333
Tivoli 188 1487 1299 514 0 $1,360 $263
Walloon 40 1588 1548 506 0 $1,594 $285
West Ipswich 228 494 266 172 0 $1,509 $255
Willowbank 61 1315 1254 332 46 $1,733 $220
Woodend -233 1302 1535 449 25 $1,517 $280
Wulkuraka 379 1234 855 365 0 $1,521 $325
Yamanto 771 4906 4135 1643 0 $1,612 $310

Ipswich is one of Australia’s fastest growing population centres. Ipswich gained approximately 40,000 new residents between 2011 and 2016 Census with rapid growth expected to continue until at least 2032 when Brisbane hosts the Olympic Games. Not surprisingly, master planned Springfield Lakes is the fastest growing suburb with 5169 new residents. Other fast growing areas include Augustine Heights, Bellbird Park, Churchill, Goodna, Newtown and Redbank Plains. More established suburbs such as Blackstone, Camira, Dinmore, Eastern Heights, Ebbw Vale, Flinders View, Silkstone and Woodend saw little or no growth. Ipswich real estate is more affordable than Brisbane to buy or rent. Public transport between Ipswich and Brisbane makes it easy for workers to commute to the Queensland capital.

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