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How much does a pre-purchase building and pest inspection cost?.

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So you’re buying a property in Brisbane and want to know how much a pre-purchase building and pest inspection will cost? 

At Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane we guarantee you get exceptional value for money because our comprehensive pre-purchase building and pest inspections are very thorough and conducted with great care.

We are committed to providing industry high, detailed information about properties to ensure our clients are informed and ready to make critical financial decisions before bidding at auction or going unconditional with the purchase after signing a contract of sale. Our inspection findings also help our clients set auction bidding limits and negotiate on the agreed contract price. 

We know time is precious when you’re purchasing a property, that’s why we aim to complete building and pest inspections within a maximum of 3 days after booking. Sometimes we can even schedule same day inspections and reports to meet tight deadlines. 

Pre-purchase building and pest inspection Brisbane costs:

  • $450* + GST for pre-auction building and pest inspections
  • $500* + GST for pre-purchase building and pest inspections

*For properties with up to 5 bedrooms. A $90 + GST travel charge may apply if the property is more than 50km from Brisbane CBD. 

If you are wondering what’s the difference between pre-auction and pre-purchase, it’s the exact same detailed inspection but we offer a discount for pre-auction properties because most auction buyers need our help at least twice or more before they are successful with properties listed to be sold at or before auction. 

What are you paying for with a building and pest inspection? 

Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane conducts our inspection to Australian Standards series 4349, which outline the scope of the inspection and the possible limitations that may apply on the day of the inspection. 

During a building and pest inspection our inspector will visually assess the condition of all reasonably accessible built elements at the property as defined in the Australian Standards. Any defects are itemised in our detailed electronic report with photos as either major defects, minor defects or safety hazards.

At Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane, our inspection includes checks of the following areas of the property: 

  • wet areas
  • electrical 
  • plumbing 
  • yard 
  • roof exterior
  • masonry walls
  • house exterior
  • house interior
  • laundry
  • kitchen
  • bathrooms
  • roof space/void
  • subfloor/underfloor space. 

Why you should always ask for a sample report

You may be surprised to learn, there is no such thing as a standard pre-purchase building and pest report. If you’re shopping around for building and pest inspection prices, we always recommend you review a sample report before making your final decision. Most of our competitors do not publish a sample report on their website because they don’t want you to compare their report to others. 

Incredibly to us, some inspectors only provide a short 4-page report that doesn’t break down major and minor defects! Without itemising major defects, you would not be in a position to terminate or negotiate the contract following the inspection. 

Here’s a Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane sample report. We provide our clients with a very detailed report that specifically identifies any defects with the property, inside and out. We classify all the issues, from minor issues such as leaking taps, to more serious major defects like major structural damage to the home or termite infestation

Qualifications are important

When you engage a building and pest inspector it’s important they can provide a quality professional service to ensure you’re fully informed before proceeding with the unconditional sale of the property. Whether it is a pre-auction or pre-purchase building and pest inspection you need, the most tangible measure of quality and professionalism is whether the inspector is registered or not. 

You can also judge a company’s expertise by the quality of their online reviews. This will give you an insight into the quality of service from a client’s perspective. 

Still have questions? 

Our inspectors understand that you may want more information about issues affecting the property. Our building and pest inspectors in Brisbane are always available if you have any questions about your report. 

Book a building and pest inspection today! 

We’ve made it super easy to book a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Just jump online and fill out the booking form or request a fast quote. We’ll contact the agent directly and organise access to the property! Alternatively, call us on 0408 666 539. 

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