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Already this year, many parts of Australia have experienced higher than average rainfall. Many suburbs in Brisbane have flooded and homes have been damaged due to excessive rainfall. 

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to ensure the property you are looking to buy isn’t leaking during heavy rain or storms. Water damage can be expensive and it can cause serious structural damage. 

A pre-purchase building and pest inspector can help you identify any minor or major defects in the property that could lead to water damage or leaks. They will conduct a visual inspection of all accessible areas of the interior and exterior of the property to check for safety hazards, major defects, minor defects and other general maintenance. 

Signs a property may not withstand wet weather

There are a few signs to look out for that may indicate the property is leaking during heavy rain or storms. Some of these may be identified within our building and pest inspection report. 

Broken, clogged gutters or downpipes

Cracked, clogged or broken gutters and downpipes can lead to serious water problems during heavy rainfall or storms and can cause water to leak into the property’s ceiling. 

If downpipes or drains are broken or clogged, it can cause water to accumulate and it can cause rising damp, mould and even encourage termite infestations. Identifying these issues early may allow you to negotiate the contract and ensure you are prepared for the storm season.

Brisbane pre-purchase inspections

Inadequate site drainage

During a building and pest inspection the inspector will identify any drainage problems. It’s important that water runs away from the property during heavy rain to avoid structural damage. 

Broken window or door seals

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection will help identify both minor and major defects within the property. If there are any broken window or door seals the property may not withstand heavy downpours or stormy weather. 

Over time flexible sealants breakdown and frames are susceptible to damage. If there is rotten, swollen or warped wood it could be a sign that water is coming in from the outside. We find evidence of this by carefully using our moisture meter around the window frames and skirting board below windows.

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Roof damage and pitch

A roof inspection is one aspect of a building and pest inspection. The inspector will check all accessible areas for damage where rain could leak in. They will also check the pitch of the roof which can cause water leaks. 

Why trust a building and pest inspection?

You can trust Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane to carry out a detailed inspection that will identify all minor and major defects. Our registered building and pest inspectors have years of experience, are fully licensed and insured. 

We provide reports within 3 days of booking your building and pest inspection, ensuring you find out everything you need to know in time. We provide comprehensive digital reports with photos and a clear list of recommendations. If you have more questions, our inspectors are always eager to help explain the details. 

How much does a building and pest inspection cost? 

  • $450* + GST for pre-auction building and pest inspections. 
  • $500* + GST for pre-purchase building and pest inspections. 

*For properties with up to 5 bedrooms. A $90 + GST travel charge applies if the property is in a suburb more than 50km from the CBD. 

Book a pre-purchase building and pest inspection today or fill out an online form to get a fast quote!

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