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How to fix a leaking shower.

Regular maintenance and replacement of damage or missing or damaged sealant and grout is highly recommended to the wet areas, as this is a regular wear and tear defect. Sealant and grouting in areas that come into regular contact with water should be maintained for the long-term care of your property.

3 reasons why missing or degraded sealant or grout to the tiled wet areas is a major defect:

  1. Missing or degraded sealant or grout to the tiled wet areas is considered a major defect

If a leaky shower not fixed will lead to further deterioration of the building. It needs to be located and repaired without delay.

  1. Leaking showers will cause damage to the internal walls.

One of the reasons moisture problems are often expensive to repair is because by the time the problem is discovered, there has been extensive damage for considerable time.

  1. Damp timbers in dark places attract termites.

Termites are prehistoric creatures that never sleep. They live to feed their Queen and her colony. Your wet timbers inside your shower wall are a natural habitat for termites.

How much does a leaking shower repair cost?

If your property has missing or degraded sealant or grout, Google, “shower leak repairs”. Cost to repair generally start at approximately $500 but may cost more than $1,000 depending on the size of your shower and bathroom requiring repairs.

Can I DIY?

Hardware stores sell grout and sealant but if you don’t properly seal your shower you might get more leaks, which can lead to expensive repairs and damage. Professional shower leak repair services should also come with a Warranty.

Is missing or degraded sealant or grout repairs covered by home insurance?

Home insurance covers plumbing problems within the wall cavity caused such as burst pipes but does not cover missing or degraded sealant or grout because it is considered a maintenance issue, or wear and tear.

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