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5 Important Reasons To Book A Building And Pest Inspection Before You Buy A Home.

Buying a home is a huge financial investment, so it makes sense to protect yourself (and your bank account) by booking a building and pest inspection.

A building and pest inspection, otherwise known as a pre-purchase inspection, is commonly carried out once the seller accepts your offer and you sign the contract. However, if you are buying at auction, you need to organise the building and pest inspection before the auction.

A building and pest inspector is professionally trained to identify any issues with the property and can see faults or defects we fail to see for ourselves. This may include existing structural damage, any timber pests on the property and safety hazards.

After a building and pest inspection, you’ll receive an in-depth report on all issues affecting the property, from minor issues like leaking taps, to more serious issues such as a termite infestation or major structural damage.

Think of it as the equivalent of getting a mechanic to look over the car you want to purchase before you drive it away.

Still not sure if you need to book a building and pest inspection? Here are 5 important reasons to get a building and pest inspection before you buy a home.

Identify structural issues

When looking for structural issues, your building and pest inspector will look over the home as well as any sundries including patios, decks, sheds and pools.

Identifying structural issues is the most important reason to get a building and pest inspection, as structural issues can be serious and sometimes impossible to repair.  Identifying these problems now could save you a huge amount of money in the long run.

Identify electrical problems

The house may look perfect from the outside, however, problems with electricity are hard to identify unless you have electrical inspection experience.

Faulty wiring can cause fires and can be expensive to repair. A building and pest inspector will report on electrical faults, so you can investigate further then decide if it’s something you’re willing to fix or if it’s a dealbreaker.

Identify any essential repairs

It’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into before committing to a purchase this big. A building and pest report will give you a rundown of any essential repairs so you can budget accordingly.

Knowing what needs to be fixed on the property will also give you the knowledge and power to negotiate the contract in lieu of these issues.

Identify hazards

If you’re buying a home for your family to live in, it’s important to ensure it’s safe.

A building and pest inspection will list any potential hazards on the property and identify any safety issues including asbestos and the absence of smoke alarms.

Gain peace of mind and the power to negotiate

A building and pest inspection will give you peace of mind that the property you are purchasing is exactly what it seems and there are no hidden problems.

You should enter into a home purchase with your eyes wide open and a pre-purchase inspection will ensure you have all the information you need upfront.

If defects are found, the report may give you the right to withdraw from the contract. If the defect isn’t a dealbreaker, the vendor may agree to reduce the purchase price or fix the problem prior to settlement.

At Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane our comprehensive building and pest inspection checks include:

  • wet areas
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • yard
  • roof exterior
  • masonry walls
  • exterior
  • interior
  • laundry and kitchen
  • bathrooms
  • roof space/voids
  • subfloor/underfloor space

When to organise a building and pest inspection

With private sales, a building and pest inspection is generally carried out once the vendor has accepted your offer and you have signed the contract. If specified, the purchase will be subject to the building and pest inspection.

Most contracts will have a 3-day cooling-off period, so be sure to book your inspection as soon as your offer has been accepted. The cooling-off period starts the next business day after you sign the contract. With auctions, you need to be on the front foot organising a building and pest inspection before the auction.

How much does a building and pest inspection cost?

We carry out building and pest inspections in Brisbane within 3 days, by a licenced builder with a same-day report.

  • $450* + gst for pre-auction building and pest inspection
  • $500* + gst for pre-purchase building and pest inspection

*Up to 5 bedrooms. $90 + gst travel charge may apply to suburbs more than 50km from CBD.

Safeguard your big investment. Contact Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane today and you’ll receive your report within 3 business days.

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