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What are structural defects?.

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If you’re looking to buy a property, a building and pest inspection will help identify any structural defects as well as any termite problems. It’s the best way to check if there are any problems with the property before you go unconditional on the contract of sale. 

Most properties will have some minor defects, or maintenance issues, but your building and pest inspector may also find major defects, which are more serious and could influence your decision to proceed with the contract of sale. 

If you’re new to the property market, you may find yourself asking what is the difference between minor and major structural defects. Here’s a quick breakdown: 

Building and pest inspection – minor defects 

Minor defects can also be identified as maintenance issues. While minor defects can still pose a problem, you’ll still be able to live in the house until they are repaired. Some examples of minor defects include: 

  • Broken doors or windows.
  • Problems with plumbing – leaking taps.
  • Issues with the hot water system. 
  • Smoke detector issues.
  • Air conditioning problems. 
  • Non-structural deck or patio defects. 

Building and pest inspection – major defects

We define a major defect as a defect of significant magnitude where rectification has to be carried out in order to avoid unsafe conditions, loss of utility or further deterioration of the property.

Major defects are commonly found in footings and foundations, floors, the roof, beams, or joints, waterproofing or walls. 

What causes a major defect? 

Some common causes of major defects include subsidence, significant moisture ingress, faulty construction, poor design, faulty equipment or materials. 

Some examples of major structural defects include: 

  • Drainage problems.
  • Rising water or water damage.
  • Roof damage. 
  • Paint deterioration exposing timber and causing wood rot. 
  • Subsidence. 

What happens if an inspector finds a major defect?

If a major defect is found during a pre-purchase building and pest inspection, the purchase of the property can be cancelled if the contract is conditional to a building report under the standard contract. It may also give you the opportunity to negotiate the property price in light of the major defect. 

What is inspected during a pre-purchase building and pest inspection? 

During a pre-purchase inspection we’ll identify any minor or major defects in: 

  • wet areas
  • electrical
  • yard
  • plumbing 
  • roof exterior
  • masonry walls
  • exterior 
  • interior 
  • laundry and kitchen
  • bathrooms 
  • roof space/voids
  • subfloor/underfloor space. 

How much does a building and pest inspection cost? 

  • $450* + GST for pre-auction building and pest inspections. 
  • $500* + GST for pre-purchase building and pest inspections. 

*For properties with up to 5 bedrooms. 

Book a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Brisbane

It’s so easy to book a pre-purchase inspection with Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane. Just complete an online form for a fast quote, or book an inspection via our website and we’ll contact the agent to arrange access – confirming all the details via email. Alternatively, contact our friendly team today on 0408 666 539.

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