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Why Inadequate Site Drainage needs to be repaired.

When Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane inspects the yard of a property, we often find evidence of inadequate site drainage.

What is Site Drainage?

Site Drainage is the movement of water to another area away from the site. This is done through plumbing.

Why is Adequate Site Drainage important?

Adequate Site Drainage is important because if inadequate it creates for subsequent water damage to building elements. Inadequate site drainage can cause major structural defects, rising damp, mould and termite infestations.

Conditions that cause inadequate site drainage:

  • It is important that water does not lie against the base of walls; surrounding paths and ground levels should be sloped to drain water away from walls.
  • Downpipes should not disgorge stormwater onto lower walls or plinths.
  • Stormwater should be carried away by drains.

How to improve Site Drainage:

A qualified plumber should be appointed to further inspect the property and perform any remedial works as necessary. This may include the installation of a drain under a downpipe or an agricultural drain along a wall.

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